Player Classes

Protective Fighters (Tanks) all wear heavy armors and wield a variety of simple and martial weapons. The forefront of any group, they rush to engage enemies and protect their allies from harm. Protective fighters use strength as their primary attribute.


The Warrior is a capable melee combatant and a veteran tactician. They are equally versed in dealing and withstanding massive amounts of damage. Through their combat expertise and cunning they are also capable of inspiring their allies to greater glory. Warriors typically dual wield one-handed weapons to get the most out of their abilities, but they can also use shields and two-handed weapons.

Recommended play-style: Groups


The Paladin is a zealous crusader, focused on defending the weak and pushing the wicked. Their faith grants them Virtue, the ability to call down the will of the gods for aid. Paladins are impressive fighters, but they are also able to cast divine spells to bolster themselves and their allies, heal the injured, and revive the fallen. They typically wield one-handed weapons and shields, but they can also use two-handed weapons.

Recommended play-style: Solo, Groups

Dread Knight

The Dread Knight is a dark crusader, using fear and pain to devastating effect on the battlefield. Through their dark arts, they're able to weaken, panic, and maim their foes and augment their own combat prowess. Dread Knights typically wield two-handed weapons to inspire the most terror, but they are also able to use one-handed weapons and shields.

Recommended play-style: Solo, Groups

Light Fighter classes dish out damage using a wide array of specialties. Preferring medium armor for its flexibility, they rely on their dexterity to avoid harm in a fight while utilizing strength to dish out some pain. Known for their adaptability, light fighters walk many disciplines in life. From the ranger's long distance precision, the rogue's stealth, the monk's drunken combat, to the bard's song and sword, the Light Fighters have no lack of ways to defeat their enemies. Light fighters use dexterity as their primary attribute.


The ranger's awesome displays of combat prowess are a wonder to behold and a nightmare to face. Unique fighting styles allow the ranger to be able to fight defensively or offensively and improve their tactics by adapting their combat style in reaction to their opponent's powers. Rangers also have some command over nature itself, using it to heal and augment as well as channeling it into special attacks. The ranger is also a very skilled archer, having many special skills when using a bow in combat. The ranger wears medium armor and prefers wielding double one-handed weapons.

Recommended play-style: Solo, Groups


Rogues are deadly melee combatants who rely on deception and misdirection. With the ability to hide in plain sight, the rogue is able to sneak up on unsuspecting opponents, poison them and then launch a devastating surprise attack. A rogue is also talented in the use of a variety of poisons and gadgets. The various components for these items don't come cheap, which is why the rogue is also an expert thief. The rogue wields a variety of light and ranged weapons and wears medium armor.

Recommended play-style: Solo, Groups


Fast and deadly, the monk strives to achieve physical perfection. Monks can harness Jin, and internal power source, to achieve extraordinary feats in and out of combat. Monks are able to join one of three martial schools, each with its own unique abilities. Choose the raw power of dragon mastery, frustrate opponents as a drunken master, or choose the subtle and deceptive power of harmonious body mastery. Monks wear medium armor and prefer martial style weapons, including martial swords, staves, and hand to hand weapons.

Recommended play-style: Solo, Groups


Bards are naturally gifted in the harmonizing of song and swordplay in a deadly dance that is at once awesome and terrible to behold. Bards can use their unique combat forms to gain increasing power as a fight progresses. They also have the ability to compose songs using bits of lore and tunes heard throughout their journeys. As a bard advances, the songs he can create grow in complexity and power. Bards have the opportunity to seek out those rare stories and melodies that will add even more power to their compositions.

Recommended play-style: Solo, Groups

Casters are master of destructive and manipulation magic. Casters use magic to the detriment and destruction of their enemies. Each caster class has its own area of expertise and each of them brings unique and powerful abilities to a fight that can often change the tide of a battle. Casters use intelligence as their primary attribute.


Sorcerers are master of fire and arcane using their control of magic to do massive damage to their enemies. The Sorcerers arsenal is among the most powerful of any classes but this power comes at a cost. Sorcerers lack many spells that do much more then do damage which means that while sorcerers may bring the ability to do a lot of damage to a group they bring very little else. In order to be a successful sorcerer players must take advantage of the range of their spells to keep their enemies far away from themselves unless the sorcerer is fond of taking dirt naps.

Recommended play-style: Solo, Groups


Druids are master of nature bringing a versatile set of abilities to the table that make them very desirable in most circumstances. Druids are able to do damage, heal, in addition to being able to do crowd control. Druids also have access to Phenomena Points which allow druids to use some of the most powerful abilities in all of Telon. Phenomena Points can be used to cast Calamities and Wonders which can turn the tide of battles.

Recommended play-style: Solo, Groups


Psionicists are masters of the mind and manipulation. No other class has the versatility in dealing with enemies as the Psionicist does. Instead of fighting in a traditional manner Psionicists prefer to trick their enemies into doing their work for them. They can use mind control to force an enemy attack his ally and trick an enemy into attacking a simulacrum while the Psionicist kill him. Psionicists also bring powerful buffs to a group allowing themselves and allies to become significantly more powerful.

Recommended play-style: Groups


Necromancers are masters of death and destruction. Bodies of enemies killed by Necromancers are often used by the necromancer to empower themselves or their allies in future battles. Necromancers also use their dark arts to conjure minions that aid them in battle. Necromancer excel at solo play as they can raise their own army to bring with them when fighting powerful foes.

Recommended play-style: Solo, Groups

Healers channel divine magics to provide healing to the weak and to bolster their party's abilities and defenses. They can also purge impurities from the afflicted and bring the dead back to the living. Healers use vitality as their primary attribute.


The Cleric uses their divine connection to provide powerful heals and spells that augment and protect their allies. As a beacon of divinity, they are also able to punish the undead. Clerics prefer to wear heavy armor into battle, wielding one-handed crushing items and a shield in the name of their deity.

Recommended play-style: Groups


The Shaman gains their divine power through their connection to Telon's spirits. Their ancestor spirits provide healing and protection spells. Animalistic spirits provide the Shaman with destructive primal magic, animal servants and the ability to become a living avatar of their chosen Patron. The Shaman can wear medium armors and prefer crushing weapons and spears.

Recommended play-style: Solo, Groups


The Disciple's divine connection is manifested in their connection to Jin, a powerful internal force. Jin allows the Disciple to be an agile martial combatant while providing healing and augmentations to themselves and their allies. Disciples wear medium armors and they prefer to wield martial style weapons (martial swords, staves, and hand-to-hand weapons).

Recommended play-style: Solo, Groups

Blood Mage

The Blood Mage's divine connection is reflected in their mastery over blood and mortality. They channel magic to drain the essence from foes or themselves to provide healing and augmentations to their allies. The Blood Mage is a gifted healer, but they're also capable of great destructive magic as well. Blood Mages wear light armors and wield staffs and a variety of one-handed weapons and foci.

Recommended play-style: Groups