Thestra is Telon's largest of three continents. It has vast forests and hides many uncharted ruins that make the exploration of this continent intriguing to its dominant race, The Humans. The capital of New Targonor lies on the northern coast. The human influence can be felt throughout the land.

While New Targonor is the apex of human civilization with bustling marketplaces, the continent is also the home of many other cities. The High Elf city, Leth Nurae, is an example of grand spires and incredible architectural wonders. The Dwarven fortress of Borindar's cleft in nestled in the central mountains and also provides for an experience to be treasured by anyone.

Thestra Map



Kojan is known for its vast dense jungles and the smallest of the three continents of Telon. It has many islands that are shrouded in ancient traditions. The climate makes for mountains hidden by fog and vast forests hiding monasteries with great artifacts thought lost years ago.

The Kojani Humans and Half Elves have joined forces to rebuild their imperial city of Tanvu. Orc and Goblins often aid unskilled adventures loose their wares. The jungles hide a large sanctuary known as Caial Brael where the Wood Elves and Raki are allied to defend against the inner island dwellers.

Kojan Map



Qalia is a land of legends, myths, and ancient superstitions. Its history is tainted with civil wars among the inhabitants. The blistering, harsh desert wastelands and impassible mountains make this continent unbearable to races not equipped for desert wasteland survival. Though the majority of the continent is desert you can find spots of jungles and fertile lands close to the Qa River which divides the continent into two.

Khal is home to the Mordebi and Qaliathari who strive to bring their once great empire back from its faded glory. Many of the dark elves fell to the rule of a mad prince however the free dark elves have gathered in Pankor Zhi to plot their revenge. For the first time in centuries, the dark elves have turned to the other races of Qalia for assistance. The feline Kurashasa co-exist with the barbaric Varathari in the trading outpost of Lomshir.

Opposite to the other regions are the gnomes of Mekalia. The gnomes seek assistance from adventurers to repel the Minotaur slavers and cold-blooded tribes of lizardmen who have encroached into the gnome territories.

Qalia Map