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Cave of Wonders Gets a Release Date!

Posted on 01/14/2014

Cave of Wonders

By Jennifer "Yaviey" Bridges

The sands swirl in disharmony around the long forgotten Sepulchral Chasm. The desert itself is torridly hot, but an icy air - an air that sends chills down the spine of even the most fearsome warriors - blows through this area. Massive, ancient pillars carved out of limestone and embedded into a cliff face stand guard over a secret entrance. Although time has taken its toll, a familiar voice tells you that great treasures beyond your wildest dreams lay waiting in this old cave...

Eternal Guardian

Originally a part of Beta of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes almost seven years ago, Cave of Wonders was pulled from the initial release. Last year at SOE Live 2013, it was announced as a revival. The developers reworked it to fit with the current lore and added in all new raid mechanics. Now the time is upon adventurers in Telon to explore this forbidden cavern. The first wing of Cave of Wonders releases on Tuesday, January 14, 2014!

Continuing the plot from City of Brass (released in November 2012), adventurers of level 55 will delve into the the Cave of Wonders, where immense wealth is guarded by powerful creatures. While there, players will meet a familiar face - Sinabu, an escaped slave previously escorted out of the fiery City of Brass. 



  • Massive 24 person raid!
  • 4 compelling bosses!
  • Robust fight mechanics!
  • Contemporary raid gear!

This is the first wing of the Cave of Wonders. The journey will be sorrowful. The lust for treasure will be overwhelming and the enemies guarding them will be fierce. But you must begin now, as more wings will come later that will progressively get harder! Will you dare enter the Cave of Wonders?

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