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Now It’s Even Easier to Group Up and Say Cheese!

Posted on 06/07/2013

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Looking for help to tackle the new quests in Old Targonor? Having trouble sorting the screenshots you snapped on your adventures? Great news! The Looking for Group and Screenshot features have been updated!

Looking for Group Improvements:

In order to make finding a group a lot easier, we made a few improvements to the Looking for Group feature.

We added a global LFG chat channel for people looking for a group, as well as for groups looking for more members! When you chat in this new channel, it will automatically add you to the listing in the LFG window. The same applies for Looking for More command, /LFM. The /LFM can still only be used by party leaders.

The Looking for Group Channel

We also made a few other changes to /LFG and /LFM: Below are some examples of how to make use of the changes to these commands:

  • "/lfg" - Toggles your LFG status on or off; does not message the channel; “(LFG)” appears on your character’s nameplate.
  • "/lfm" - Toggles your LFM status on or off; does not message the channel
  • "/lfg Text or /lfm Text - Sets your LFG/LFM status to on and sends the LFG/LFM and your text to the channel. Examples: Entering “/lfg KE 17 Warrior” will send the text "LFG KE 17 Warrior" to the channel. Entering “/lfm for KE. Need DPS” will send the text "LFM KE. Need DPS" to the channel.


 LFG over your character name

You should also note that toggling LFG/LFM are mutually exclusive from /AFK. When you go /afk, it will remove your LFG and LFM status if they are set. The same goes with toggling LFG or LFM on--it will remove your AFK status.

Naming Your Screenshot:

Say Cheese! We added an “easy mode” for naming screenshots!  You can now use the new /ScreenshotName command to set a base name for your screenshots. Once you take a screenshot, the file name will start with the name you select and end with a sequential number. Also, a message will be displayed to let you know the full name of the screenshot and where you can find it.

The /Screenshotname Command

Note: the following characters cannot be used when naming your screenshots: “\”, “/“, “:“, “?”, "<”, “>”, “|”, “*”, and spaces.

Not sure how to take a screenshot? Below are some tips that should help you get started:

  • The default key for taking screenshots in Vanguard is the minus (-) key on your NumPad.
  • The screenshots get placed in a folder called ScreenShots in the directory where you have the game installed. The default location is: C:\Program Files\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\Vanguard\ScreenShots
  • To get the best quality for your screenshots, be sure to adjust your resolution size, use the highest quality settings your computer will permit, and turn off PC and NPC names. You’ll also want to turn off the UI using F10.
  • Also, you can edit your vgclient.ini file found in the bin folder in your installation directory. You will find a line: "ScreenshotFormat=JPG", if you change that to "ScreenshotFormat=PNG" it will help to increase the quality of your screenshots but it may increase the file size. ~ Suggestion by Karii from The Telon Project. 

Now go take some cool screenshots of your new group!